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About Russia:

Capital: Moscow
Area: 17,075,400 km²
Population: 142.5 million (UN figures, 2007)
Major language: Russian
Major religions: Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Judaism
Monetary unit: 1 rouble = 100 kopecks
Internet domain: .ru, .su
International dialing code: +7

times zones
hours from UTC

Official state holidays:

January 1-05 — New Year’s Day and Holidays
January 7 — Christmas
February 23 — Defender of the Motherland Day
March 8 — International Women’s Day
May 1 — Labor Day
May 9 — Victory Day
June 12 — Russia Day
November 4 — National Unity Day

Our Climate:

The climate in Russia is famously varied from the hot subtropical climate of the Black Sea coast, the Caucasus and the Krasnodar region to the harsh Arctic islands and the coast of the Arctic Ocean.
The Far East is dominated by cold snowy winters and warm and humid summers. Particularly severe is the extremelycontinental climate of Siberia and of the northern half of the Far East, much of which is covered by permafrost stretching more than 10 million sq km.
The layer of permafrost, often richly saturated with underground ice, can reach up to 500 meters in the north, while in the Basin of Markha River it is as thick as 1500 meters.

Winters in the west of the European part of Russia and in the Caucasus are usually moderate at 0 to -5 ° C. To the east of Yakutia it is very cold, with January temperatures dropping as low as -40 and -50 ° C, sometimes even -70 ° C.

Except for the Far North, Russian summers are relatively warm, even hot in the very south. The average July temperature in the north of Siberia is about 1 ° C, in the European part of the country summer temperatures reach around 24 to 25 ° C, while in the south of Russia it can get as hot as 30 to 35 degrees. Russia has about 120 thousand rivers that are over 10 km long, with their total length reaching more than 2.3 million km.



Embassy of Russia in Sukhumi
Sukhum, Akirtava str., 24
+7 840 226-36-93


Generalkonsulat der Russischen Foederation in Bonn,
Waldstrasse, 42, 53177 Bonn
+49-(0)-228- 386-79-31
Generalkonsulat der Russischen Foederation in Hamburg,
Am Freenteich, 20, 22085 Hamburg
+49-40- 229-52-01, 229-87-42, 229-77-27


Consulate General of the Russian Federation in Edinburgh
58 Melville St., Edinburgh, EH3 7HF
+44-131 225-70-98; 225-23-09; 220-17-85 225-95-87


Consular Division, Embassy of the Russian Federation,
2641, TUNLAW RD.,N.W., WASHINGTON D.C., 20007, USA
+1-202-939-89-11, 483-75-79; 939-89-19; 939-89-09
Consulate General of the Russian Federation in New York,
9 East 91 Street, New York, NY, 10128, USA
+1-212-348-17-17; 348-57-62, 831-91-62


Consular Department of the Embassy of Russia in Finland Vuorimiehenkatu 6, 00140 Helsinki
Тел.\Факс: +358(0)9 6221812


Consulate General of the Russian Federation in Marseille
3, av. Ambroisе Pare, Marseille, 13008
+ 334 91-77-15-25, 91-76-26-79 91-77-34-54


Consulate General of the Russian Federation in Strasbourg 6, place Sébastien Brant, 67000 Strasbourg
+333- 88-36-73-15, 88-36-97-85, 88-35-34-81

More information on the Website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia