Russian cuisine

Russian cuisine is known for its diversity and regional taste preferences vary a great deal.

Russian cuisine can be of the "haute” variety, which uses rare and gourmet ingredients typical of our country, for example black sturgeon caviar, rare species of sturgeon and salmon, such as muskun and white salmon. Special occasion dishes also include crab, wild oysters and mussels from Russia’s Far East. Expensive restaurants can offer you delicious game and dishes with wild berries, such as cloudberries, strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries.

Russia’s Regional cuisine can differ hugely. In the European part of the country, the preference is given to pies, soups, meat and fish stews, jellies and compotes. In the Asian part, nomadic peoples like to eat cooked beef and lamb as well as plenty of dairy products from cow, mare or camel milk, including a special kind of milk moonshine. The Caucasus is widely known for its mouth-watering barbecues, hot and spicy soups and wine. Inhabitants of the Volga regions love special deep-fried meat pastry called “belyashi”. Among the nomadic peoples of the Far East and the North, various kinds of Capriccios from raw meat or fish are very popular.

And then there is the "everyday" cuisine. Overall, is was formed by the national tradition of using rich and monotonous but high quality ingredients that were available in grocery stores, and the simple inexpensive food served in the so-called “public catering points” during the Soviet era. Among the masterpieces of "everyday" cuisine are salmon caviar, pancakes and dumplings. One “everyday” dish that rose to international fame is the Stolichniy Salad, usually referred to as “the Russian salad” in some European restaurants. Stolichniy Salad constitutes a mix of boiled vegetables and meat, generously flavored with mayonnaise.

We have tried to select some interesting Russian recipes that are a little different from the stereotypical soup and a glass of vodka with caviar, cabbage soup and blinis, as the quintessential Russian meal dictates.


Stuffed pike Vladimir-style

Randoliki from Belgorod region

Udmurt Perepechi

Volgograd Salted Watermelon

Velikiy Novgorod Honey Wine