About RTM-Tours

RTM-Tours is an experienced inbound Russian tour company, which specializes in extraordinary tours to Russia.

RTM Tours is a team of like-minded professionals with years of experience and well-honed expertise in receiving and tending to the needs of international travelers in every corner of our huge wonderful country – from Moscow to its furthest frontier.

Our portfolio of tours boasts both classic packages, such as Moscow, St. Petersburg, the Golden Ring, Republic of Karelia with visits to Petrozavodsk and an ethnic village of a northern tribe, the beautiful and austere Balaam, the magical island of Kizhi, the UNESCO World Heritage site lake Baikal, and more exotic offers, such as the wild nature of Kamchatka and Sakhalin and a trip to the North Pole through Chukotka. Also on offer are a ‘diamond tour’ to Yakutiya and a journey to Tuva – a Siberian land of 7000-year old mysterious hand-made table-stones.

Publishing the Russian Travel Magazine gives us a significant competitive advantage and helps us build on our deep knowledge of the regional tourist market. We work only with reliable local partners with proven international experience and the most exciting offers of destinations.

The RTM-Tours brand belongs to the Center for International Initiatives Moscow

Our number in the State Register of Tour Operators of Federal Agency for Tourism: MВТ 015863

The Center for International Initiatives is the publisher of Russian Travel Magazine, the only multilingual magazine on inbound tourism to Russia

Welcome to Russia with RTM-Tours!

We will be happy to see you among our most trusted partners.