Tour program “The Two Worlds of Russia - Moscow and Baikal”, 9 days / 8 nights

Number of people per group: 6

Check-in every Friday of each month (as soon as the groups are formed) May to September 2015, May to September 2016

Lunch is included




Day 1 (Friday)


Arrival at the Moscow International airport. Guide-interpreter will be meeting you. Transfer to hotel



Accommodation: hotel “”  



Free time


Day 2 (Saturday)





The group is gathering in the hotel lobby and leaving on a bus tour



Bus tour  “The many faces of Moscow the capital of Russia”

The tour introduces you to the major landmarks of the Moscow's historical past. You will learn about the history and architecture of ancient Moscow, its monuments and sights, traditions and everyday life.

Then the tour offers you smooth transition to modern Moscow.  Places to visit: monuments of the Red Square and Kitay-gorod, visit one of the oldest districts in Moscow - Zaryadye and Novodevichy Convent, Sparrow Hills observation deck, Moscow State University building, the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, trade and pedestrian bridge "Bagration", Poklonnaya Hill (Worshipful Submission Hill), ultra-modern district "Moscow City", the White House, the building of the State Duma, the central streets of the capital.




Includes all the group


Tour on territory of the Kremlin with a visit to  the Cathedral of the Dormition, the Diamond Fund or the Armory. Today, the Moscow Kremlin is the visiting card of the capital, recognizable throughout the world.

The Kremlin fortress town, whose territory covers an area of 27.5 hectares, is located in the center of Moscow. It has historically been the residence of Russian rulers. In our days it is the official residence of the President of Russia as well. The Kremlin is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The eras here combine without breaking the unity and harmony. Traditionally, the tour begins with a visit to its territory and cathedrals. The main temple is the Dormition Cathedral, where take place the coronations, burials of metropolitans, etc. Also a grand iconostasis can be seen in the cathedral. It was assembled from very artistically valuable and honored icons and a unique necropolis of historical value.   

After the Dormition Cathedral our tour moves to the Ivanovo square of the Kremlin. This place is great for visitors with kids, as here you will see the monuments of foundry art: the Tsar Bell and Tsar Cannon. Next we proceed to the Senate Square. You will see a rare architectural monument of the times of Peter the Great - Arsenal, with the exposition of ancient cannons and guns captured during the war. You will also see the Senate building.



A visit to the Kremlin treasury museum - the Armoury Chamber. It preserves ancient state regalia, ceremonial royal robes and coronation dress, vestments of the Russian Orthodox Church hierarchs, as well as the largest collection of gold and silver by Russian craftsmen, West European artistic silver, arms and armories, collection of carriages, horse ceremonial attires.

Excursion around the Diamond Fund of Russia that holds the unique collection of historical monuments, works of jewelry, rare samples of gems, nuggets of precious metals. This is one of the few treasuries in the world storing the crown values.



Free time



Bus tour “Moscow at Night”

At extra charge

Day 3 (Sunday)





The group is gathering in the hotel lobby



Entering the metro for a tour around the Moscow underground. Leaving for the Tretiakovska Station.

Moscow subway is a real city under the ground. The length of its lines is more than 250 kilometers. The first metro line was opened in Moscow in 1935 and connected 13 stations. At present, the Moscow Metro has more than 150 stations and is by right recognized as the most beautiful in the world.

The interior of the subway stations in other countries is very different. You won't see underground palaces, ornate marble columns, impressive chandeliers, sculptures, mosaics and stained glass there. During the tour our guide will show you the most famous stations. Some of them look like real castles or palaces. You will definitely be amazed by the beauty and variety of marble, colorful mosaic panels and bizarre lamps, not to mention numerous bronze and granite statues.

The tour around the Moscow subway is one of the most unusual.  It will surely leave a good impression about Moscow as the largest city in the world with a unique culture.



Walking tour with a visit to  The State Tretyakov Gallery

A small walking tour along the Lavrushinsky Lane. You will get acquainted with the history of Tretyakov Gallery. You will see the masterpieces of Russian art of XVIII - XIX centuries.

The main building of the Tretyakov Gallery is located on Lavrushinsky Lane. The Tretyakov family bought this house in 1851.  Now the complex of buildings of the Tretyakov Gallery, located between Lavrushinsky and Small Tolmachevsky lane, is the favorite place not only of Muscovites, but also of many guests.

Tretyakov Gallery has now more than 170 thousand pieces. The works of Old Russian art and crafts, miniatures, icons in precious settings are collected here.

Socialist Realism and the Russian avant-garde are represented in the art of twentieth century.




Includes all the group


Bus tour to Kolomenskoe.




Tour to Kolomenskoe Estate. Kolomenskoye is one of the oldest populated areas on the territory of modern Moscow. This museum is a monument of Russian history and culture. The complex consists of 17 architectural monuments: some of them are the preserved parts of of imperial manor XVI-XIX centuries, others are wooden buildings brought from the different regions of Russia.

Diakovo Gorodishche, the oldest settlement in the city, once stood on one of the hills. From the XIV century Kolomenskoye served as the summer residence of Moscow rulers. In 1532 one of the first hipped stone temples in Russia - Ascension Church, was built there. Today, together with the Kremlin and Red Square, it is on the World Heritage List of UNESCO.



Free time





Day 4 (Monday) 


The group is gathering in the hotel lobby.


Boarding the bus



Transfer to  Sergiev Posad

Technical stop in


Sightseeing tour to the Trinity Lavra of St. Sergius (includes visiting 3 main cathedrals).  

This tour will introduce you to the holy things, architecture and sights of one of the most renowned Russian abodes, the largest center of Russian spiritual culture and education. You will see the Trinity Cathedral (established in 1422) which is a masterpiece of Russian architecture. The imperishable relics of St. Sergius of Radonezh repose inhere. Ancient iconostasis of the Trinity Cathedral preserves icons painted by St. Andrei Rublev and his disciples.  Be amazed by the majesty of the Dormition Cathedral (1559-1585), created at the behest of and on the contribution of Ivan the Great. Visit the church that honors St.Sergius (1686-1692). There you will see a well-preserved interior architecture in Moscow baroque style, as well as one of the most beautiful carved iconostasis in Russia (1688).






Sightseeing tour along the historical center of Sergiev Posad.  

  Sergiev Posad is one of the very few Russian cities, which developed around the monastery abode. During the tour you will get acquainted with the preserved old town buildings in the historic center of the city. You will hear the story of the architectural monuments and historic places. You will have a chance to visit the parish churches and streets of the "old" city that keep its unique identity. 



Transfer to Moscow

Technical stop in


Russian style gala dinner “See you soon Moscow!”




Transfer to Domodedovo airport 




The Republic of Buryatia  


                                                                           Day 5 (Tuesday) 


Arrival at the international airport of Ulan-Ude.  Guide-interpreter will be meeting you. Transfer to hotel “Geser”.

Along the road we offer a sightseeing tour of Ulan-Ude with the pedestrian tour of the historic neighborhood.



Accommodation at the hotel 



Gathering of the group in the hotel lobby



Lunch at the restaurant of  national cuisine  



Tour to the national museum of  the Republic of Buryatia 

 “Buryatia Buddhist art” exhibition



Transfer to the village of Atsagat



The "Steppe Nomads" program:

- Atsagat datsan. Lama greets guests at the gate of datsan and conducts a tour of the temple. Tour to house-museum of Aghvan Dorzhieva.

- Dinner at the cafe "Steppe Nomads" (national cuisine: buuzy, shulen - noodle soup, milk tea, milk vodka).

- Visit to the tourist complex "Steppe Nomad"

The rite of meeting guests according to the Buryat custom.

 Tour to the yurt observatory "Universe of the nomad". Observing the sun through a telescope. You will get acquainted with the traditions of the Buryat people and visit the traditional Buryat dwelling of the late XIX and early XX centuries

- The national game of "Chagall naadan";

- Photographing dressed in national costumes and armor from the Genghis Khan era. - Archery;

- The ceremony of brewing the green tea;

- Tasting "boova" tea;

- Horseback riding and camel riding.



Transfer to Ulan-Ude.  Free time



Day 6 (Wednesday)





Gathering of the group in the hotel lobby



Transfer to Ivolginsky datsan - the center of Buddhism in Russia.

At the request we can organise the worship of the incorruptible body of Hambo - Lama D.D.Itigelovu


A  visit to Lamas astrologers. Buddhist astrological forecast for 2015. Tea in the guest yurt.



Transfer to the village of Tarbagatai



The program "Visiting Semeiskie"-

  • • Visit to the Omulevaya mountain -  the "Sleeping Lion"
  • • Excursion to the Museum of History and Culture of Old Believers
  • • Visit to Ancient Orthodox Church
  • • Tour to a farmstead of the Old Believers
  • • Lunch with dishes of old Russian cuisine: soup, stewed porridge, cabbage pies, fish cakes with bird cherry and others.
  • • Performance of the folk ensemble "Sudbinushka", participation in rites and games.



Transfer to Ulan-Ude



Dinner in the hotel



Free time


Day 7 (Thursday) 






Gathering in the hotel lobby



Transfer: Ulan-Ude-Baturino- Gremyachinsk ( Baikal)



Stop in the Sretensky convent necessary to take pictures. Possible rise of the bell tower. The tour.



Lunch time in the recreation center "Baikal Riviera." Baikal cuisine.



A trip along the coast of  Lake Baikal. A visit to the oldest resort in Siberia - Goryachinsk, natural monument - Stone Turtle, ascent to the lighthouse  Baikal - located in the "Baikal harbor."

Boat trip possible at extra cost


Accommodation in the guest house “Hot spring”




Dinner. Baikal cuisine  



Free time.  Baikal



Day 8 (Friday) 



Free day  Baikal

Boat trip possible at extra cost


Day 9 (Sunday) 




Leaving for the Ulan-Ude airport

Breakfast to go


Boarding the plane Ulan-Ude – Moscow. Departure time 11.10am



The cost is on your request